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Melvin Eddy


Melvin Eddy Blues Band to Carry On Chicago Blues Tradition

   The Melvin Eddy Blues Band carries on the Chicago blues tradition, delighting crowds across the Southland with their authentic blues sound - raw, smoky and powerful blues from the Southside of Chicago brought to the shores of sunny Southern California.

   Melvin Eddy began his singing career over five decades ago in a church trio with his two older brothers and preaching father playing guitar. Melvin was all of five years of age. As a teen, he sang lead in a gospel trio and later fronted in an R&B band. He grew up listening to blues on many a street corner in the neighborhoods of Kansas City and peaked through club doors to see Jimmy Reed perform. After several decades with R&B, Melvin came home to the blues. He believes that blues lyrics provide insight into Black life and thought - a veritable course in Black history and culture.

   "Like Willie Dixon said," Melvin explains, "Blues are true facts of life in word and song. I believe that anybody can make music, but to sing the blues you've got to feel it. You've got to be passionate." And Melvin Eddy is a passionate every time he takes to the stage to sing the blues.

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